Episode 3: Follow

Follow features 3 short stories inspired by the theme follow.


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The Stories
Field Notes by Alys Messenger
The convention centre is humming with activity but this event is no picnic; reporter, Leslie finds herself caught amongst a rivalry between scone enthusiasts. Who will get burnt as the tension heats up?

Young Firebrands by Taeghan Buggy
They’re a trio on a mission to make the government see the consequences of their actions before they fully manifest. They’re convinced to be successful they must be big and loud, but who will follow through?

Repeating Juvie by Anita Sanders
Dan’s been in and out of juvie on repeat for stealing but when a victim comes to visit, he realises he can change the pattern. But is it too late to convince his Mum to help him?

The Creative Team
Director: Connor Reidy
Project Manager: Anita Sanders
Cover Art: Aden Beaver

Cast of Field Notes
Nicola O’Farrell as Leslie
Kieran Drost as Laurence and Someone
Cat Galligani as Connie and Margery
Hannah Helbig as Petunia
David Hampton as The Baker
Max Kowalick as Beverly
Cast of Young Firebrands
Nicola O’Farrell as Bea
Kieran Drost as Charlie
Max Kowlick as Anton
Cast of Repeating Juvie
David Hampton as Dave
Hannah Helbig as Mel
Cat Galligani as Mum

Sound Effects from Free Sound
Gavel: Gavel_2 by zerolagtime
Hang Up Tone: 178537_phone-hang-up-suspend by kyliank