Episode 2: Algorithm

Algorithm features 3 short stories inspired by the theme algorithm.


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The Stories

If Today Was Tuesday by Taeghan Buggy
Edith is missing, and the two detectives on the case are baffled. All the facts are jumbled and her husband struggles to offer clarity under the weight of distress, will the truth slip away?

Newer Model by Alys Messenger
Sienna ignores her electronic assistant’s glitches until an important meeting comes under threat. When switching off is not an option, will Sienna be able to talk her way out of the glitch?

The Girl at the Machine by Anita Sanders
She’s been trained to take down a military machine at only 15, now standing at its control panel she hears a voice. Will she accept its offer to join the enemy or complete her mission?

The Creative Team
Director: Connor Reidy
Project Manager: Anita Sanders
Cover Art: Aden Beaver

Cast of If Today Was Tuesday
Cat Galligani as Diana
Max Kowalick as Dave
Kieran Drost as Bob
Cast of Newer Model
Cat Galligani as Aida
Hannah Helbig as Sienna
Kieran Drost as Damien
Cast of The Girl at the Machine
Nicola O’Farrell as Child
Max Kowalick as Soldier
David Hampton as Soldier 2

Sound Effects from Free Sound
Sob: 319019_cry by galora
Radio Crackle: 32266_radio by Paracelsus
Computer Beep: 33789_5-beep-c by jobro
Beeping Traffic: 180156_traffic-horns-city-nervous-busy by Klankbeeld
Phone Tone: 178537_phone-hang-up-suspend by kyliank