Episode 1: Between

Between features 3 short stories inspired by the theme between.


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The Stories
Hurt Money by Aly Messenger
Family hate can last a life time, but when two siblings are forced together by their mother’s ill health, will honesty end their agony?

Stateline’s by Taeghan Buggy
Ria and Sarah have made a decision; now the consequences are waiting at the end of a bus trip. With each other’s help, can they find a way to ease the sting of their actions?

Limbo by Anita Sanders
In the dark, two graduates wait for the bus to their new lives. But when the dark feels more comfortable than the road ahead, what will make them go?

The Creative Team
Director: Connor Reidy
Project Manager: Anita Sanders
Cover Art: Aden Beaver

Cast of Hurt Money
Cat Galligani as Lucia
David Hampton as Anthony
Cast of State Line’s
Kieran Drost as Announcer
Nicola O’Farrell as Ria
Hannah Helbig as Sarah
Cast of Limbo
Max Kowalick as Him
Hannah Helbig as Her
Kieran Drost as Bus Driver

Sound Effects from Free Sound
Air Hiss: 240263 air-hiss 48000 by Kgatto
Heart Monitor: fast_32329 _heartmonitor-ekg 48000 by freqman